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Albion State Normal School - Learning Opportunities That Are A Little Spooky

Do Not Enter - Albion Normal School

Established in 1893, the Albion State Normal School helped many students transition into a career as a teacher on a variety of different subjects. Over the years it has also hosted a variety of events, continuing education workshops, and has even been featured in a few television shows due to some spooky events. It's a location and a school with a lot of history.

Albion Normal School History

Is it haunted?

The school operated for 58 years before finally closing its doors due to poor funding and low enrollment. Normal schools were becoming less common and the Albion curriculum couldn't keep up with the modern times. Even so, the school continues to serve an important function for students today.

The Albion Normal school was never known for its size, its sports teams, or its celebrity students. It was a small institution with a fairly small campus. The school itself was moved over the years and different schools have used the original campus. For example, the Magic Valley Christian College used the SICE campus through the years of 1957 and 1969.

How Is The School Used Today?

The Albion Normal School is no longer an actual school, but the building still enjoys a lot of academic use. It was purchased in an auction in 2007 and has since received some slight renovations. A portion of the campus is used for retreats, conferences, and various other events.

Independent workshops and specific career courses are often held on-site as well. It was the home of the recent Professional Photographers of Idaho (PPI) photography workshop. The buildings make this a great location for a photography workshop. The location fits perfectly with the topics of the PPI workshop.

There's something else that attracts photographers to Albion State Normal School. It's the chance to catch a glimpse of something paranormal. And even better, the chance to capture a photograph. That one picture that would prove to the world that there's something more. Whether that's zombies, ghosts, or just a glimmer in the mirror.

Is It Haunted?

Albion State gained mainstream exposure when it was featured on the television show “Ghost Adventures”. The plot of the show focused on satanic graffiti at the campus that seemed to be having a negative effect on the staff. But this is far from the first time that Albion State Normal School has been accused of exhibiting paranormal activity.

The local residents are well acquainted with the legends. After all, these are the stories they were telling each other long before they were on television. But is Albion really haunted after all? I believe you'll need to bring your camera and find out for yourself.

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