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What is a VSCO Girl?

In the 21st-century, new terms and slangs are always popping up. Have you ever heard of the term "VSCO Girl"? Let's explore this term.

What is a VSCO Girl?

A VSCO girl is a nickname given to a typically white, middle-class teenage girl who appears on photos or the wide variety of memes out there. These girls have a laid-back, trendy, but basic look. What is a meme? It's a behavior, idea, style, etc., that often appears in the content on social media such as on Instagram. So these kinds of girls appear in photos, but they also appear on memes.

The term VSCO comes from the VSCO: Photo & Video Editor by Apple. This VSCO photo-editing app enhances these girls' looks. A popular hashtag for a VSCO girl is #VSCOgirl.

VSCO girls are popular because adults find them beautiful, fascinating, and exciting. A VSCO girl loves attention, and she loves to be noticed. Often these girls also like to take pics of their food, making their food the point of the image.

What Would a VSCO Girl Checklist Be?

Perhaps you think you have what it takes to be a VSCO girl. Or, maybe you want to manage VSCO girl images for social media. So what would a VSCO girl checklist look like? Here's a sample:

1. First, make sure you include the hashtag #VSCOgirl with your image.2. A VSCO girl is typically attractive with long hair.3. She is young; she is not old. If she's not a teenager or a young woman, she had better look like one.4. This kind of girl is often wearing clothing that shows off her college or university. She'll have a scrunchie on her wrist or in her hair and be carrying a Hydro flask.5. If you choose not to display a girl, you can post food. However, it had better be food that is fun, such as junk food. Boring, vegan food, for example, is not what a VSCO girl would display.5. A VSCO girl wears clothes that are fun and trendy, but not too trendy. She can also wear classic, preppy clothing that college students love.6. You can always take pics of your environment. For example, VSCO girls love to take vacation pics. Make sure the pic is exciting and beautiful.

What is VSCO Girl Terminology?

Another term for VSCO girl terminology, concerning social media, would be VSCO girl hashtags. What are hashtags? A hashtag is a kind of metadata tag. It is a word that is preceded by a hashtag. A hashtag is used to connect interests and to make a word go as viral as possible on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram.

Here are examples of VSCO Girl hashtags:


Whenever a VSCO girl image is posted on social media, it's important to include hashtags if you wish for the image to hit as many people as possible. Always include the hashtag #vcsogirl and then choose at least two more related hashtags after that.

How long will the VSCO girl phenomenon stay popular? Who knows? However, today, it's currently popular and a great way to get noticed whether you think you're a VSCO girl who could get lots of attention or someone who wants to post VSCO girl images.

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