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30 days of video content in 60 minutes or less.

Come to the studio, spend 30-60 minutes recording and let us create 30 pieces of content for you.

  • Watch the videos below to see the type of videos we can create for you in one short session!
    Long form content sample
  • All of these were created in the same sitting!
  • Come in for a quick 15 min session and bust out 15 days of content!
  • Great for recording quick snippets like testimonials.
  • Influencers like Gary Vee, Alex Hormozi, and Grant Cardone are creating videos like these.
    I can create them for you too.
    Designed for Instagram Stories or Reels, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest Idea Pins, Facebook Stories or LinkedIn Stories. Short form video can also be used as a post on the "normal" social media channels too.
  • One piece of content can be repurposed into many! 😎

    Would you like us to come to your location and record on site so you can have a few different people in the videos? We can do that too! Why not ask a few of your clients to come in the same day so we can capture a few video testimonials while we're at it. The possibilities are endless.

    People are consuming more and more video on all the social platforms. As a business, you need to be posting regular video content as a way of promoting KLT (Know Like and Trust). It's not always practical to create it and edit it yourself. And, the need for high-quality material has never been greater. With Shooting Trio, and our batch recording, you'll spend less time away from your business and less time in front of the camera. We're able to produce several videos in one session by shooting them all in one take and then breaking them up into multiple sharable nuggets so you stay top of mind!

    Ways you might use these videos:

    Mortgage Brokers

    Do you have a sequence of events that take place when someone signs up for your service? You could record a series of videos you attach to emails that go out describing milestones and what they mean; Your loan is now in underwriting, your loan has entered loan processing phase, your loan is in the title search phase, and so on.


    You could record a video that talks about your first visit (shorten your initial exam by answering questions prior to their arrival). Then, you could also have tips and tricks emails that go out; stretches for stiff back, lifting techniques, general stretches, and general health tips that build expertise.

    Insurance Brokers

    You can give video updates that pertain to your services so you stay top of mind.

    Examples: Tips for new teen drivers.

    Here are 5 ways to prepare your home for winter/summer. FAQ type videos: Did you know that your auto insurance doesn't cover RAZR style vehicles?

    Financial Advisors

    This one's easy. You can give updates on the market, saving money tips, tax saving tips, investment options for the different income brackets, 


    You'll want to use these videos to give value. Teach the proper way to prune a tree so you don't over kill it. Talk about what trees should be planted where (so the roots don't lift your driveway or sidewalk).

    House Painters

    You can talk about the different techniques you use to get straight lines, outline the proper order of operations when painting a room, what goes into painting kitchen cabinets, and how to clean the different paints off of things in case people spill.

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