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Continuing Education

Window into one of the buildings at the Albion Normal School

Boost Your Career Thanks To Continuing Education The Albion State Normal School in Idaho primarily operated from 1893 until 1951. A ‘normal school’ back then was the equivalent of one of today’s teacher-training colleges. The Albion State Normal School isn’t operational anymore, but it was recently the host for a workshop on photography education. This workshop provided attending photographers with the chance to enhance their skills and connect with their colleagues. As with most careers, the field of photography is one where continuing education can be quite advantageous.

What Is Continuing Education?

The very term of ‘continuing education’ describes a wide variety of academic opportunities that open up after finishing high school. Conventional university or college degrees certainly fit the bill, although so too do on-site training and/or particular career courses. The aforementioned and recently hosted photography education workshop is a great example of just one continuing education course. A lot of high school graduates, particularly ones interested in the field of photography, are intimidated by the notion of continuing education. The financial costs involved with attending college or university has much to do with this. It’s very well-known that bachelor’s degrees cost a lot of money, and in some certain professions, the investment just isn’t worth it. Fortunately for photographers, expensive college diplomas aren’t the only means of pursuing continuing education. Workshops offer numerous advantages, including practicality, affordability, and effectiveness. One of the recent Albion State workshops was a PPI workshop organized by the Professional Photographers of Idaho PPI Workshops

Panoramic of Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho. Shot on the way home from Albion, Idaho

That PPI workshop offered photographers a unique learning experience. This particular workshop highlighted the complexities involved with both lighting as well as lighting modifiers. Attendees got the chance to learn about astrophotography, and they even enjoyed hands-on experiences in shooting, sharing, and improving. This kind of continuing education opportunity only required a token investment from participants, and yet they can enjoy a lifetime of benefit. The field of photography is in a constant state of flux. Every year, the technology gets ever more sophisticated, but it seems to hardly keep pace with what audiences want to see. The desires of audiences might not matter to all photographers, but anyone hoping to make a career with cameras needs to be mindful of them. Once more, these workshops simplify the matter of staying current with professional contacts and collaboration.


Fellow photographer Whitney during the collaboration period of the workshop. Workshops encourage strong collaboration among photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. You get to learn from those who are already successful in the industry, but you can also build your own professional network to advance your career. PPI workshops and other continuing education programs are a great chance to enhance your skills, build your knowledge base, and make a few connections. 

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